Tuesday, February 26, 2008

In Justice

You didn't come here on a whim. But you don't believe you were marked to come here either. You do not mark for inflection, never have.

You found the spot, in the middle, which you do not like. In cases like these, it is always best to keep a door nearby, or at least a wall.

Questions are asked about how. You respond eloquently. And then when. You fill in the blanks well. Before this panel of superior peers, you let your soft edge meet, with no resistance, their hard center. You learned that lesson.

Everyone is looking for the same thing. They just want to understand. They don't want justifications. They speak of nothing justiciable.

You finish.

You will find no justice here.


kingba said...

What, no comments?? come on folks, don't be stupid! (BTW, go to dailylifeinworld.blogspot, you'll see some nice horse sense reasoning on imbeciles and stupidity). This here is the best blog and I vote for a round of applause for the authoress. Betcha she can use the support (enthusiastic and athletic supporters welcome, right, Nic?)

Nicole said...

kingba - abso -friggin'-lutely.