Tuesday, February 19, 2008

In the wish

You could see where you were, but not feel it. It was light, so you should've felt warm, but you didn't. It had shadows on the edges, or at least one edge, so you shouldn't have felt alone, but you did. And then you gave your sight away, just a loan.

Blinded, blindsighted, blind now, you put your hands out in front of you - to feel your way around, high heels on cobblestones. Predictably, you trip and cut yourself. You bleed, it's for real this time, nothing honeyed. You wish its stickiness away.

What else is in that wish?


beth said...

This sounds like a dream I had last week. I would wish to see the light, or what was in the light - I hate being blindsighted - I have always been terrified of the unknown

Nicole said...

Beth - without wanting to sound cryptic, just because you can see doesn't mean it's not unknown.