Tuesday, February 19, 2008

It needs a name

What do you call that? When you realize you know something, not a brain knowing, but a deeper knowing - a mitochondrial nod of recognition to a certainty you must have been carrying with you, unaware, for nearly ever. When every question finds an answer, every feeling a mirrored response, every impulse an outlet, every anything that rises up finding its counterpart, easily, effortlessly, within the limitless confines of joy?

I call it the door slamming open, not closed.



beth said...

An awakening???

beth said...

ps - more of these "awakenings" seem to happen late at night - like now - when I'm trying to get ready for the next day.

Nicole said...

Beth - You are without a doubt the nicest blog reader ever.

beth said...

For me, it's not about blogging, it's about communicating with my oldest friend