Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Up in the air

I survived the weekend. Burned and tired - of stirring, chopping, spreading, packaging.

And then I had a dream.

I was sitting in a field, nothing in sight but hills in the distance. And I was trying to put a beautiful pink rose back together. I had all the petals in my lap and I attempted to carefully arrange them back into a rose.

I finally gave up. I threw the petals up in the air and let the wind deal with them. Some stayed right with me, landing back in my outstretched hands or at my feet, and others were carried off to the hills.

I love pink roses more than any others.

What's your favorite color rose?


beth said...


kingba said...

it is a poeme en p.... ROSE!!!

The Idle Devil said...

Being a libran, I'm pretty indecisive...love different shades of white, red and pink in roses (something a little different than the usual tones).

Nicole said...

Beth - Since always?

Kingba - Je n'avais même pas vu. Toi tu vois tout.

TID - indecisive in general or just when it comes to flowers?

beth said...

I don't know about always, but for a long while anyway -
is your mom visiting for the holidays?

The Idle Devil said...

In general :) flowers, cakes, movies, you name it. I can make decisions for others more easily than I can for me (should be harder the other way round).

Lorraine said...