Friday, December 05, 2008


I got:

Flowers from students.

Cakes from students.

A birthday lunch.

Flowers from friends.

It was a long, deep, exhale of a birthday, a week-long sigh. I've always been a sigher, but not the exasperated kind of sigher. They're usually contented sighs or peaceful sighs or contemplative sighs or I'm so sleepy sighs or I miss that sighs.

I miss certainty, even the illusionary kind.

What do you miss?


The Idle Devil said...

I miss living at my old home especially during this time of the year, miss some friends who have moved away from me. I'm definitely missing some cocktails that I'd come to off alcohol.

beth said...

I miss Chicago at Christmas. . .I miss turning on the tv and hearing good news instead of bad. . .etc

Jertta said...

I miss peaceful reading. Travelling with only husband, enjoying things only adults like (good restaurants, nice hotels, just looking at people passing and having a glass of something nice in a terrasse of a nice bar...). And I also miss snow and cold winters.

Nicole said...

TID - For good?

Beth - The news hasn't changed, nor has the world - it's the media that awful. Especially at home. Don't watch the news! Get your news from other sources, you'll be much happier with the tone and the information.

Jertta - Yes! yes! Yes! Yes! One day...

Lorraine said...