Sunday, December 21, 2008

Solstice with me

It is winter.

Which is not a transitional season like autumn or spring. Winter is a destination season. The cellar of the year. A time when you bring into the basement what you've evaluated and sorted out during the heavy justice of fall. To preserve it and keep it safe from the cold.

Darkness dominates and we live muffled and huddled lives. And those of us who like winter, do so both because of and in spite of that.

I had a winter dream last night. In it I saw a lake, pure and clean and cold, sitting upon the heavens, the light shining right through the surface of the water. I watched it all from my cellar window.


The Idle Devil said...

Somehow, i tend to associate winter with Christmas...probably gets cold only around this time of the year in Bombay although there are different opinions about whether its really cold here.

Nicole said...

TID - How cold is cold?

The Idle Devil said...

10 degrees C is enuff for me :)