Saturday, December 27, 2008

London calling

So, I made it. Travel delays and no music made for a looooong trip, but I am here.

My posts will probably be short for the next week. I am using a laptop with a German keyboard. Which, of course, can´t be the same as a French or American keyboard. See that apostrophy I used? Not even a real one. I think it´s an accent.

Hey, this morning I saw a fox in the garden.


The Idle Devil said...

Hope you had wonderful holidays...have a great end of the year celebrations.

beth said...

Have a wonderful time. Say hello to Prince Harry for me!

Christina said...

glad you made it safely!!! enjoy your vacation!! now you know how i feel when i have to use those damn french keyboards!!

Nicole said...

TID - you too

Beth - I doubt I'll get that close

Christina - Maddening

Nicole said...
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