Friday, December 12, 2008

It's that time of year again

The time of year when I can't say no.

There will be a Christmas market at the boys' school next Thursday and Friday.

Which means I'll be spending the entire weekend in the kitchen.

By Sunday evening, the candy thermometer and I will be best friends and I'll have two or three sugar burns on my hands and there will be 20 jars of salted butter caramel and 80 sachets of caramels, toffee, truffles and whatever else I can come up with.

You wish you had my social life, don't you?

Not being able to say no used to be a lot more fun than this.


beth said...

Your social life sounds like that of any mother of young children. . .enjoy it before they're off to college - I keep reminding myself of the same! My girls would love it if I had your baking skills!! I don't even own a candy therm!

The Idle Devil said...

Wow...wish I was there to buy a few jars and sachets. Sounds like it'll be a really tiring weekend!

zeb said...

I don't want your social life I want the caramels.

Nicole M. Miller said...

Beth- I'd send you one but I can't get them here - Zeb had to get mine for me from the States.

TID - Are you kidding? you read my blog regularly, I'd give them to you for free.

Zeb - Everyone always knew you were the smartest one in the family.

beth said...

Hi - I just heard your voice mail from yesterday! So sorry I missed your call! My computer crashed so I lost my address book due to corrupt files - I remember your physical address, but I don't remember your phone number - so will you email it to me!!

Lorraine said...

Have I ever mentioned that salted caramels are my new favorite thing evah?

Nicole said...

Beth - I'll call you again - today or tomorrow?

Lorraine - I did not know that.