Monday, December 08, 2008

Pick a lane

It was beautiful here this weekend. Cold and sunny. I worked at the café, I cleaned and organized my house - some but not enough - is it ever? And I wrote. I've got this writing gig, just a couple of items a month. But it's a start. And I like it. I'll tell you more about when/if I start to feel a little bit more at home with the idea.

In other news, I had to buy a damn washing machine because my stupid old washing machine was the thing that made the electricity go out last week. Ends up that 10 years was all it could handle. I shouldn't complain, it lasted 10 years and never once broke down. And it washed endless loads of little boy clothes (read: very dirty) for 8 of those 10 years.

The good news is that I have a nice, new washing machine. The bad news is that I hadn't really included buying a washing machine in December's budget. What with Christmas and the trip to London.

The other good news is that if the washing machine had broken down before I bought the London tickets, I wouldn't have bought them. Which means I would've spent the week after Christmas at home alone staring at my new washing machine instead of seeing Beth in London. Which would not have been good. So we'll say that the timing of the whole washing machine thing was as it should be.

So which is your favorite lane? Right or left? Fast or slow?


Anonymous said...

Hi how are you? I like your blog, and would like you to visit mine here in San Diego.

see you soon....

beth said...

Favorite lane. . .goodness, I think I'm still on the side streets! Good luck with the new washer!! And have a blast in London!

The Idle Devil said...

Have a wonderful holiday. My fave lane would be slow :) never a jet-setter.

Nicole said...

Jesse - I'll do that.

Beth - Still a while before I go to London, for now I'm just getting to know the washer.

TID - This is where I'll reveal myself - for me the fast lane just means busy. Taxiing kids back and forth to school to karate to birthday parties to home back to school and in between there trying to work, cook and keep a relatively clean house.

Lorraine said...

I'm partial to the right lane. I don't enjoy merging and prefer to me where I need to turn as soon as possible.

Christmas in London sounds awesome!