Thursday, January 17, 2008


I'm going into business. Unofficially at first. Isn't that the best way anyway?

Because when something's official you have to master things and control things and be certain of things. And since I've recently become aware of the illusions that mastery and control and certainty can create and the problems that follow, I'm avoiding officiality (Is that a word? If not, despite my dislike for modals, it should be.) at all costs. For the love of everything that is right and true, make nothing official for me. Make it all about fluidity and flow and flexibility.

My new business activity? Making pastries and treats for a local tea and coffee drinking establishment. Because, in addition to spreading the Democrat love, I like to spread sweetness around.


beth said...

I only wish I lived near Laval, so I could enjoy your sweetness! Ironically, I am considering making my choc chip cookies for a local bakery.

Anonymous said...

Oh, lordy, lordy, Ms. Miller steps back into the bakery. A La USA.

Actually, I enjoy following along with your blog. Although, I must admit it gets a bit to "girlie" for me at times.

Good luck with your venture.

Jennifer said...

That's fantastic! Spreading sweetness around is excellent karma. :)

Anonymous said...

unofficial sweetness is to be recommended. much better than official blandness. in all things.

Lorraine said...

THAT is superfantastic. All the best in your venture.

Nicole said...

Beth - I wish you lived closer too.

anon - Girlie? Girlie? Girlie? Did you actually say Girlie?

Jennifer - Good point. I could definitely use the good karma.

CBW - Totally agree.

Lorraine - Thank you.