Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Where are you in your cycle?

I have a client, I call him the quality guy. Not because of who he is but because he works in the Quality department of a large industrial company. And I help him with his business English. Cause I am all business.

Anyway, we met this week and had an interesting quality conversation. And I learned all about The Deming Cycle. Has anyone heard of this?

The Deming cycle or PDSA cycle:

PLAN: plan ahead for change. Analyze and predict the results.

DO: execute the plan, taking small steps in controlled circumstances.

STUDY: (CHECK) , study the results.

ACT: take action to standardize or improve the process.

I must be honest. In my pre-new-me days, I would've been all over this thing. In those days when the clamouring was just a murmur and chaos was not my constant companion.

So what's my new cycle? Find freedom in structure. Find order in change. Find discipline in discovery. Find structure in freedom. Find change in order. Find discovery in discipline.

Wish me luck.


Lorraine said...

This is me, wishing you luck.

beth said...

Good Luck. . .I never heard of it.

Anonymous said...

find sense in bullshit? good luck.

Christina said...

i've actually heard of this! (industrial/organizational psychology at IU)...never put any thought into it though

Mouse said...

I've never heard ot his but I am always willing to learn, what is it? Does it work? Good luck!

beth said...

Nicole - my mom's in town - she says hello - and yes, we've already had our first "discussion" on her beloved smoking habit

Nicole said...

Lorraine, Beth, CBW - Thank you all. Luck is always needed, even in the most futile of endeavors.

Christina - Of course you have!

Mouse - I doubt it works for anything other than industrial process. But I could be wrong.

Beth - Hi to Mom!

curiouscat said...

More information for those interested in more on the PDSA cycle or Dr. Deming