Monday, January 21, 2008

Turn it off please

It drives me crazy when both of my kids talk to me at the same time. Parents, is it like that for all of you? I can't seem to filter one or the other out so I usually end up not listening to either one and telling them both to be quiet.

Ah, quiet.

I spent the weekend alone, in a very quiet, very empty house. It was great. Very peaceful. Very relaxing. Very unusual.

Of course, it wasn't as quiet as it could've been. The clamouring in my head was awfully loud and it actually gave me a headache on sunday. Which I cured with coffee and chocolate. Let me be clear: it cured the headache, not the clamouring. Anyone know a cure for clamouring? And don't say yoga, I'm already doing that. Daily.

Sunday morning I went for a walk along the river. It was windy. For a moment, I thought I heard the truth in the wind. It was just a whisper. So faint that it could have just been my own voice. I'll never know.


Anonymous said...

yes, i know a cure for clamouring but, like most medicines, it tastes vile at first, and for quite some time afterwards. i have swallowed some in the past and am still not sure that it was worth it (although i'd swallow it again given the choice). i imagine you know a cure too.

incidentally, that last paragraph was a beautiful bit of writing and is related in some way to the cure. more please. writing, that is.


beth said...

I understand how it feels when both children talk at once - and they seem to get louder as they both try harder to be heard. Clamouring. . .it happens to me almost every night when the house is quiet - I sometimes swear that people are talking to me - I just don't know who the "people" are (that's a totally different subject) So, what do you think your "truth" was telling you?

Lorraine said...

That was lovely, Nicole.

Nicole said...

CBW - But I'm not a writer, when it's good, it's not even on purpose. Which is probably why it's then good.

Beth - That's a whole different post.

Lorraine - Thank you.

Anonymous said...

that applies to many things. but, like it or not, you are a writer. you write, and write well (sometimes better than others - but that applies to all writers), therefore...
try writing more 'not on purpose'.

Nicole said...

CBW - Hmm. I will try not to try. And none of it on purpose.