Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Through, not around

I know, I know. You're all getting really tired of me writing about stuff like this. What happened to the French stories? The food stories? The foot-in-mouth stories?

Well, I cannot say. I only know that I don't have any of those. My life isn't feeling very Frenchified as of late, or maybe I've been here for so long that I don't even notice when it is, and I haven't had much of an appetite lately so there goes the food thing, and my foot is nowhere near my mouth right now, it's firmly planted on floor. Well, the black high-heeled boot that is currently housing my foot is firmly planted on the floor.

So, this is all you're getting for now.

Chaos. Le Chaos. It should be enough to know that when you get to the other side of it, life will be good. That knowledge should be enough to make the chaos bearable. Should. I hate shoulds. Modal verbs, in general, suck.

So here's my question: How good are you at accepting the discomfort of chaos?


Lorraine said...

Not very.

Lorraine said...

Not when I'm in it and not when my friends are in it.

beth said...

Chaos. . .it's pretty much all I know right now - yes, chaos and multi-tasking is a good description of life at this very moment.
ps - Love the high-heeled black boot!

Anonymous said...

i imagine one of the problems for someone steeped in linguistics and also living in a second language, is an obsession with taxonomistion. i wonder if such people, in their eforts to neatly categorise a shifting and chaotic reality, don't sometimes suffer acute discomfort when their thoughts fall into linguistic and social interstices? the truth is, of course, that human (social) reality is artificially created (partly by language itself) so that we can make sense (ha!) of the world. mebbe, just mebbe, it's better to accept a soupcon of chaos on the grounds, alone, that chaos is the real reality and bound to win in the end.

and, speaking for myself, such questions are much more interesting than food stories although, i confess, less amusing on the whole.

zeb said...

You must be talking about turning 40-how nice that you have accepted it.

Nicole said...

Lorraine - Me neither.

Beth - Me too.

CBW - Moi? Categorize? Never! As for the rest, how very Matrix.

Zeb - It's years before I'll be 40.

Anonymous said...

never say never.

Nicole said...

CBW - You're starting to get the hang of this.